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Re: upstream-vcs

On Sun, 09 Mar 2014 19:38:39 +0100, intrigeri wrote:

[changing the order a bit]

> > Adding the "fetch" part to our fancy .mrconfig sounds like a good
> > idea!
> > At least for the _update part, 
> IMO this would definitely a great next step.

> > And for _update: this should be something like
> > if git remote show | grep -qx upstream-repo; then git fetch upstream-repo; fi
> > added to our git_update() definition, right?
> Yeah. Want to do a test run?

So I guess we can just do this part :)
The only thing I'm mildly concerned about is how this affects the
time to run `mr up' if it checks and fetches hundreds (thousands?) of
upstream repos.

Anyway, added to .mrconfig now, committed&pushed.
(Anyone feel free to improve/revert in case of problems.)
> > not sure if the _checkout needs it as
> > well and it could grow a bit complicated; but this could call
> > dpt-upstream-repo, if we want this "depencency".
> I've been doing such things in my personal .mrconfig for years, and am
> quite happy with it. I actually have things in there that are waaaay
> more complicated than just calling dpt-upstream-repo at _checkout
> time :]

> The only concern I would have (about calling dpt-upstream-repo) is
> that it sometimes modifies the just-cloned repo (creating
> debian/upstream/metadata) and commits, which feels quite surprising
> semantics to me: I generally expect to get a local HEAD in the same
> state as the one on the remote repo I've just cloned.

Makes sense.

> Perhaps we could run dpt-upstream-repo with an option that instructs
> it to not modify the repo? That is, it would read information from
> whatever source is readily available (debian/copyright,
> debian/upstream/metadata), but it would *not* run dpt debian-upstream.

I've added a -g (as in "don't commit to _g_it") option in
dpt-upstream-repo some days ago which skips the git add/commit

So, this should be something like
if [ -e /usr/share/pkg-perl-tools/upstream-repo ]; then dpt upstream-repo -g; fi
in dpt_checkout, I guess?
> Alternatively, we could mitigate this problem by running "dpt
> debian-upstream" on all packages once for all, and at initial
> packaging / take over time as well. 

I guess the mass-commit would be a good idea in any case.

And then we also need support in
- dh-make-perl for new packages
- dpt-checkout, probably with the same two lines (for clone/pull) as
  in .mrconfig; and maybe without the -g?


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