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Re: Re: Bug#752797: libconfig-model-perl: Should split library from command

On Wednesday 02 July 2014 19:00:44 gregor herrmann wrote:
> On the other hand, for non-perl maintainers the information might be
> easier to "install cme and then run `cme check dpkg'" than "run `cme
> check dpkg', oh, cme is in libconfig-model-perl, and you also need
> libconfig-model-dpkg-perl". (If I got the package names right now :))

Actually, you need to tell user to install libconfig-model-dpkg-perl which 
depends on libconfig-model-perl. I admit that libconfig-model-dpkg-perl is a 

May be an alternative solution is to rename libconfig-model-dpkg-perl binary 
pacakge to cme-dpkg. This package would provide libconfig-model-dpkg-perl (or 

Still scratching my head ...

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