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Re: Bug#752797: libconfig-model-perl: Should split library from command

On Thursday 26 June 2014 13:00:52 you wrote:
> The lib*-perl namespace is (or at least should be) for perl libraries, not
> for end user binaries.
> The cme command should live in its own package,

Err, why ? What is the problem you're trying to solve ?

Some people will argue that a new binary package will be created for a small 

What do people on debian-perl think ? Should cme live in its own binary 
package ?

> and it should Recommend
> all the parser modules (libconfig-model-*-perl), as cme is quite useless
> without specific parser modules.

Parser modules are targeted for specific applications and are useless without 
this specific application. For instance libconfig-model-lcdproc is useless 
without lcdproc. Currently, libconfig-model-perl suggests 
libconfig-model-dpkg-perl, libconfig-model-openssh-perl . 

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