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Re: Challenges around Perl 5.20 (was: Bug#677865: dpkg-gencontrol warns about 'File::FcntlLock not available')

On Tuesday 27 May 2014 23:30:48 gregor herrmann wrote:
>   But before that we should agree on what we'll use instead; and I'm
>   not sure that Config::Model::Dpkg will do the right thing here ...
>   (libmodule-corelist-perl is already up to date).
>   Dominique?

I don't think that Config::Model::Dpkg::Dependency will correctly detect that 
Module::Build was removed from corelist.

The simplest solution is to blacklist Module::Build and CGI and consider that 
they were never part of corelist. This way cme will remove the alternate 

Thoughts ?  

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