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Re: Moving to multiarch-compatible XS paths


tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> > Workaround: Strip the blank, e.g. with sed:
> > 
> >   mv $(TMP)$(shell perl -V::vendorarch: | sed -e 's/ //')/Apache $(TMP)/usr/share/perl5/
> > 
> > Ugly, but does the job.
> Hmm. But then, you still have the single quotes around it, no?

Yes, but it doesn't matter in debian/rules.

> On my box (pretty plain-ish wheezy)
>   tomas@rasputin:~$ perl -V::vendorarch:
>   '/usr/lib/perl5' tomas@rasputin:~$ 

Yes. But "$(shell …)" is Makefile-ish and the result will be parsed
completely by the shell to which make will pass the generated command,
i.e. including all dollar signs, single quotes, etc. which the shell
command will output. That's different from how the shell itself parses
$(…) (needs to be written "$$(…)" inside a Makefile) where IIRC only
globbing ist still expanded while the quoting and variable parsing
phase has already passed.

And in the shell the single quotes are just (valid) quoting as in 

    mv foo'bar'fnord blafasel

which will be parsed into

   'mv', 'foobarfnord', and 'blafasel'

		Regards, Axel
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