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Re: Moving to multiarch-compatible XS paths


Niko Tyni wrote:
> Attached, both without and with Uploaders.

Thanks. A fix for eperl has been committed to git and will be pushed

> As I said, the changes look mostly trivial (usually just replace
> /usr/lib/perl5 with $(shell perl -V::vendorarch:) in debian/rules
> or something like that.)

Heads up! "perl -V::vendorarch:" seems to always add a blank at the
end of the output, hence the code

  mv $(TMP)$(shell perl -V::vendorarch:)/Apache $(TMP)/usr/share/perl5/

fails as follows:

  mv debian/eperl'/usr/lib/perl5' /Apache debian/eperl/usr/share/perl5/
  mv: cannot stat ‘/Apache’: No such file or directory

Workaround: Strip the blank, e.g. with sed:

  mv $(TMP)$(shell perl -V::vendorarch: | sed -e 's/ //')/Apache $(TMP)/usr/share/perl5/

Ugly, but does the job.

		Regards, Axel
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