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Re: libcatalyst*-perl flood in NEW

[removing ftp master from cc]

On 14/05/14 22:59, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> So the plan is to package all these 32 upstream projects as separate 
> source packages with their own life. For Jessie 
> libcatalyst-modules-perl will become a meta-package depending on the 
> separate packages (recommending the deprecated ones). It may go away 
> after the Jessie release.

It's probably a bit too late to say this (sorry, I came late to the
discussion), but probably it would be a better idea to make that
recommends a depends (or at least a prominent notice in Debian.NEWS), as
many people who uses this maybe has already disabled auto-installation
of recommends, and surprise breakage would happen.

I would keep it a depends until Jessie, and then downgrade to
recommends, or remove the metapackage. Also, I don't know the packages,
but if people out there depend on them, I would be hesitant to drop the
deprecated packages from the archive.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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