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libcatalyst*-perl flood in NEW

Dear FTP masters,

You may have noticed the flood of libcatalyst*-perl packages in NEW. 
I guess a rationale is in order.

All of these are split off libcatalyst-modules-perl, which currently 
is a bundle of 32 different upstream projects. Having these in 
a bundle makes it hard to properly track new upstream releases or 
deprecations. Indeed, some of the upstream projects are already 
deprecated, but we can't just drop them from the bundle as this would 
cause surprise breakage for users.

So the plan is to package all these 32 upstream projects as separate 
source packages with their own life. For Jessie 
libcatalyst-modules-perl will become a meta-package depending on the 
separate packages (recommending the deprecated ones). It may go away 
after the Jessie release.

I have already uploaded 28 packages, the last 4 will be uploaded 

A similar situation will happen again with 
libcatalyst-modules-extra-perl, although it bundles only five upstream 

Thanks for your tireless work,

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