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Re: To bundle or not to bundle (libcatalyst-modules(-extra)-perl)

Damyan Ivanov wrote (12 May 2014 10:06:45 GMT) :
> So, what do others think about bundles?

We should split them, to ease maintenance and deprecation.

FTR, I committed to do it for the Catalyst ones at some recent DebConf
(12, maybe?), failed, and then lost interest. Sorry.

> I know at some point there was a concern that FTP masters don't like 
> too small packages. This may no longer be true, and even if it is, 
> libcatalyst-modules-perl for sure has quite some modules that are not 
> "small" by any measures:

I'm not sure these modules are substantially smaller than many other
distributions we package, so IMO it's worth a try.

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