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Re: libpgobject-util-dbmethod-perl packaging

On Sun, 11 May 2014 12:47:39 -0400, RJ Clay wrote:

>     I've corrected the name of the repository itself.   I think I see where
> to correct it in .mrconfig, but am not sure that's the only place it needs
> to be corrected (or that I should be the one to do it...).  

Editing .mrconfig is safe, and you can just change it and push the
(Whoever has cloned the "old" name will have to remove their local
clone but I guess that's not so many people.)

I can't think of any other places where the name needs to be changed.

> Also;  will
> p.e.t. pick up the correction?

Good question; PET will see the new repo, not sure what happens with
the old one ... But since we remove repos every now and then and I
don't remember any problems with PET, I'm optimistic.


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