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Re: Bug#735134: perl: rename(1) is ancient


Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> 3) Submit a new lintian check for things which use rename or prename in
>    build scripts, advising of changes needed.

Please also care about maintainer scripts (postinst, etc.). I'd at
least check the following files:

* debian/rules
* debian/{post,pre}{inst,rm} (single binary packages)
* debian/*.{post,pre}{inst,rm} (multiple binary packages)
* *.sh (recusively)
* debian/bin/*
* All files which have a #!/bin/sh, #!/bin/bash or
  #!/bin/dash shebang line, i.e. all shell scripts.

It would also be nice if the recommendations on how to do this
transition (e.g. what lintian-info would show) were posted in this
bug-report, as they are not obvious due to the update-alternatives
mechanism for /usr/bin/rename.

(I do have a package which uses prename at build time and hence have a
real interest in the actual and detailed recommendations. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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