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Re: Packages from Jan 2008

On 11/04/14 21:29, gregor herrmann wrote:
>> 2) libfinance-streamer-perl
>> libfinance-streamer-perl is no longer present on CPAN, so has no
>> upstream. The package also has a very low popcon and no reverse
>> depends... so is it worth maintaining this in Debian any more or should
>> it be removed?
> If it doesn't have any problems and doesn't bring a huge maintanenca
> overhead, I usually tend to keep packages.

That's fine by me... especially once the packages are using the
up-to-date packaging standards, they should be even easier for us to
maintain (it's amazed me how complex debian/rules files used to be!)

I shall try and continue on with getting some packages updated in the
near future.

Daniel Lintott
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