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Re: Packages from Jan 2008

On Fri, 11 Apr 2014 21:11:20 +0100, Daniel Lintott wrote:

> I have just completed updated the first batch of packages that had
> changes waiting since 2008 (following on from [1]).

> Firstly... Thank you to gregor for checking and uploading the packages
> (apologies for the odd error here and there)!

No worries, thanks for your excellent work.
> I have updated 8 out of the 10 January packages... the remaining two are:
> 1) libnet-irc-perl which is pending removal[2]

I'm still not convinced that we should remove this package ...

> 2) libfinance-streamer-perl
> libfinance-streamer-perl is no longer present on CPAN, so has no
> upstream. The package also has a very low popcon and no reverse
> depends... so is it worth maintaining this in Debian any more or should
> it be removed?

If it doesn't have any problems and doesn't bring a huge maintanenca
overhead, I usually tend to keep packages.


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