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Re: dh(_auto_clean) and Module::Build::Tiny

On Fri, 31 Jan 2014 02:52:47 +0100, Leon Timmermans wrote:

> > - Ask upstream to add a distclean target? - I guess there are reasons
> >   why it's not there ...
> > - Add the distclean target in a Debian patch? - Ugh ...
> > - File a bug report against debhelper to s/distclean/realclean/? -
> >   Then we probably need arguments and some evidence that this doesn't
> >   break anything.

Thanks for your detailed and very helpful reply, much appreciated!

> As for option one, Module::Build::Tiny is committed to implementing the
> full spec so if it would be added to the spec I'll add it to MBT without
> further discussion. Without that I'd lean towards not doing so, as it does
> complicate the code somewhat.


> I really don't think option two is scalable when other building tools
> arrive. I really don't think it's desirable anyway.

Totally agreed, I just added it for completeness :)

> I'm leaning towards the third option though: s/distclean/realclean/.

Ok, that's what I expected and what makes sense also from my POV.
Thanks for providing a clear rationale we can build on!

> P.S. The --create_packlist ticket is also relevant for debhelper.

Ah, thanks!

gregor (who won't be able to test a debhelper patch and file a bug
       report before Monday and hopes that someone else might have
       more time :))

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