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dh(_auto_clean) and Module::Build::Tiny

We have a problem with Module::Build::Tiny (itself and M::B::T using
packages), and that is that debhelper (or more exactly: dh_auto_clean
when it detects the perl_build build system [i.e. Build.PL]) runs

`perl Build distclean'

Now Module::Build (for which this was originally written) supports
distclean and realclean, with slightly different semantics;
Module::Build::Tiny only supports realclean.

(I guess this wasn't detected earlier because noone has built a
package / ran the debian/rules clean target with M::B::T and an
existing ./Build file. I recently tried to build a package twice in a
row and ran into this issue.)

So, I'm not sure what to do about this:
- Ask upstream to add a distclean target? - I guess there are reasons
  why it's not there ...
- Add the distclean target in a Debian patch? - Ugh ...
- File a bug report against debhelper to s/distclean/realclean/? -
  Then we probably need arguments and some evidence that this doesn't
  break anything.

Cc'ing upstream to get their advice as well; ideas and comments from
everyone welcome!


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