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Re: RFC: debhelper changes for perl module packages -- AUTOMATED_TESTING and verbose tests

On 09/10/2013 02:27 PM, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> I want to propose the following two changes in the perl-related 
> debhelper support. I am also willing to write the patches, but before 
> I try that, I want to discuss this a bit, as it would affect all of 
> the group's packages.
>  * export AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 when invoking the test system
> This would follow the recommendations of the Lancaster consensus and 
> should generally help upstream help us.
>  * run tests in verbose mode
> this would help in situations where a sub-test hangs, and the buildd 
> kills it. Knowing after which sub-test the hang happens is useful 
> debugging clue. Also, having the diagnostic messages that are shown 
> only in verbose mode can be useful.
> This has the drawback of enlarging the build log, but I don't think 
> this is a serious concern.

I don't really understand "the Lancaster consensus", but what you're
proposing to do sounds reasonable to me.  Thanks for thinking about
this, and for offering to work on it.


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