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Re: Bug#719016: eiskaltdcpp-cli: needs adaptation to libjson-rpc-perl 1.03

>> Hmm, I have just pushed very similar patch:
>> https://github.com/eiskaltdcpp/eiskaltdcpp/commit/767538d
>> I do not know perl at all. So could you compare which variant is better
>> (your or mine)?
> Yours depends on version numbers, mine depends on module existence. 
> Since the version number is artificial, I'd say that checking for 
> module availability is better. For example, according to upstream 
> change log, the incompatible changes are made in CPAN release 
> versioned '1.00_01', which is an awful thing to compare to.

Ok, I will change it to your variant.

Thanks a lot for help.

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