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Dependency packages for Slic3r


As you may have seen from the 5 RFPs I CCd to this list (#689649,
#689650, #689652, #689653 and #689654), I plan to package Slic3r. It is
written in perl, which is a language I do not know. Normally I would not
try to package a program for this reason, but this is different, as I
shall explain.

However, the argument of having a packager who knows the language is
extra important for a module, IMO. Therefore I very much want the
dependencies to be packaged by someone who knows Perl. I hope someone
from the perl team wants to do this.

So why do I think Slic3r so desparately needs to be packaged? I'll give
an overview of the current situation.

3D printing is popular, and in particular open source printing with the
RepRap printer, for which all designs and software are made available.
However, when it comes to the software, the "Windows"-approach is used:
distribute a self-contained package which doesn't need any dependencies.
Of course this means that any local changes to modules or perl itself
(including security fixes) will not be available to the program. A very
unsatisfying situation. Furthermore, users have to keep an eye on the
website for updates.

In other words, a lot of what makes Debian so great is missing this way.
I feel 3D printing should be possible with free software (it is), and it
should be easily installable like other free software (it currently
isn't). This is why I so much want this package to be in Debian.

Of course I don't want to include those modules in the slic3r package,
unless there's no other way. This is why I'm asking for a maintainer. :-)

Thank you for reading, I hope to have convinced you to package one or
more of the modules. If you have questions, please CC me or the relevant
RFP bug (I'm not subscribed to this list).


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