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Re: Multiarching perl

+++ Niko Tyni [2012-09-01 09:11 +0300]:
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 05:14:15PM +0300, Niko Tyni wrote:
> > I suppose I should do some experimenting based on all this.
> Some results:
> - the general concept seems to be working OK, and I've managed
>   to coinstall i386 and amd64 libperls and have them working
>   at the same time. (unsurprising, but still cool :)
> - the concept where a newer perl would Break older libperl5.x
>   packages to limit co-installability doesn't work. More on that below.
> - /usr/bin/a2p (of all things) needs special treatment: it's
>   the only arch dependent (compiled) binary outside perl-base.
>   Possibly we'd need a Multi-Arch: foreign perl-bin package just
>   for that :(
> - the static i386 /usr/bin/perl is a problem: either we need
>   to link it dynamically, causing alleged performance problems due to
>   register starvation (AIUI), or we need to include both libperl and a
>   static perl in the Essential set, growing that by 1.6M (unpacked).

Does this mean you have some kind of patch for this stuff? Even if
it's pretty raw, it should save me/riku some time on knocking up a
multiarch package to test with. And it would help me grok some of
what's been discussed.

Anything that installs and allows $stuff to install build-deps (and
hopefully even build) is a major step forward even if there are plenty
of remaining wrinkles.

Thanks everso for looking into this.

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