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Re: mass-commit: dependencies

On 12-07-06 at 10:35am, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> On Friday 06 July 2012 01:17:47 Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Thanks to clarifications on IRC I now understand that the command 
> > being run depends on libconfig-model-perl 2.023-2 in unstable with a
> in experimental.

Yes. Just read what I think, not what I write :-P

> > commandline like this:
> > 
> >   cme fix dpkg -from control -filter Depends
> > 
> > Trying that command on the CDBS-based libanyevent-xmpp-perl cause 
> > the following changes to debian/control:
> > 
> > c) is almost harmless and needless: Yes, Joey instructs to do so but 
> > really a dependency on debhelper 7 is implicitly satisfies as no 
> > older version is provided in any currently supported release of 
> > Debian. APT dependency resolving is already plenty burdened - we 
> > really should work actively to _reduce_ needless versioned 
> > dependencies.
> IIRC, lintian complains if the dependency on debhelper is not 
> versioned. [1] I'll happily remove this feature if I'm wrong.

I believe you are wrong: It is correct that lintian has warned about 
this in the past, but I haven't noticed it lately (I am involved in 300+ 
packages none of which respects that).

> > d) is harmful: a recent cdbs _is_ needed.  In this particular case 
> > the CDBS snippet perl-makemaker.mk is included which was unavailable 
> > prior to cdbs 0.4.73.
> > 
> > It could be argued that d) is not harmful because only unstable (and 
> > testing) is targeted - backporting is unsupported officially.  In 
> > that case this particular versioned dependency is indeed unneded - 
> > but then so are versioned build-dependencies on debhelper even in 
> > compatibility level 8 and 9!
> I would not recommend to remove debhelper > 9 as this would harm 
> backport on squeeze.

I don't understand above sentence.

Please mention backports.debian.org explicitly if you are talking about 
backporting to there specifically.  I don't.

> Note that, by default cme will not remove versioned dependencies 
> required for oldstable, provided the information is provided by 
> madison.

I don't understand what you mean here.  How can madison know if what 
features of CDBS (or debhelper or whatever) used speficially in a 
certain package. causing a versioned dependency?

 - Jonas

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