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Re: mass-commit: dependencies

On 12-07-05 at 02:46pm, gregor herrmann wrote:
> Thanks to Dominique's great work (merci !) I've now used cme to update 
> the builtime and runtime dependencies in all [0] our packages, and I'm 
> just pushing the changes right now.
> This should fix the TODO items of switching alternative (b)deps when a 
> newer perl hit unstable since the last package update as well as 
> removing versions where nothing older is in the archive.
> In order to avoid having to write a long shell-oneliner each year, 
> I've commited this as mass-commit in our scripts repo. -- Feel free to 
> (a) improve the (shell) script and (b) adjust it for your own next 
> mass-commit.
> Cheers,
> gregor
> [0]
> Except the CDBS ones because ISTR that Jonas has different preferences 
> about versioned dependencies.

What does ISTR mean?

Thanks to clarifications on IRC I now understand that the command being 
run depends on libconfig-model-perl 2.023-2 in unstable with a 
commandline like this:

  cme fix dpkg -from control -filter Depends

Trying that command on the CDBS-based libanyevent-xmpp-perl cause the 
following changes to debian/control:

 a) reordering of fields
 b) change of indentation for multiline fields
 c) change to build-depend versioned on debhelper
 c) change to build-depend unversioned on cdbs

a) and b) is harmless but annoying, and during freeze is not nice to the 
the already burdened release managers, as it needlessly blows up diffs.

c) is almost harmless and needless: Yes, Joey instructs to do so but 
really a dependency on debhelper 7 is implicitly satisfies as no older 
version is provided in any currently supported release of Debian. APT 
dependency resolving is already plenty burdened - we really should work 
actively to _reduce_ needless versioned dependencies.

d) is harmful: a recent cdbs _is_ needed.  In this particular case the 
CDBS snippet perl-makemaker.mk is included which was unavailable prior 
to cdbs 0.4.73.

It could be argued that d) is not harmful because only unstable (and 
testing) is targeted - backporting is unsupported officially.  In that 
case this particular versioned dependency is indeed unneded - but then 
so are versioned build-dependencies on debhelper even in compatibility 
level 8 and 9!

> Jonas, feel free to use/adapt/... the script or tell me to run it
> again.

Thanks for not applying these changes to CDBS-based packages - please 
keep it like that for now.

Don't get me wrong: I am _very_ excited about the potentials for 
Config::Model, promoted it to geeks in India, Vietnam, Singapore and 
Indonesia during my travel in the fall, and am embarrased not having 
taken time yet to dive into it yet myself.  I just feel here concretely 
that it is too noisy and invasive with no (in my tiny test) actual 
benefit :-/

Do you mean I should adapt Config::Model or some other script?  If the 
latter, then where is it?

 - Jonas

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