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Re: Open tasks: clarification needed

On Wed, 06 Jun 2012 14:56:17 -0300, intrigeri wrote:

> > Definitely, and it's great that you are pushing this - thanks a lot!
> > (Besides the pkg-perl BoF it's also good for using it as a workplan
> > during DebCamp).
> I think I now have integrated all bits of clarification and feedback
> to the wiki page, and reorganized things a bit. Thanks everyone
> who replied!

Thank you - looks really much better now :)

Just one remark:
The comparison with the Fedora Perl Packaging Policy already happened
(well, at least I checked it) last year before we decided on the
"which tests to run during package build" aspect of our group policy.
I left the link just for reference but I don't think this is a
current issue/topic for discussion.

But I don't want to silently remove it from the Wiki page in case
others want to take a look and see if it should be discussed.

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