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Open tasks: clarification needed


when searching the DebConf 12 schedule for Perl -related events,
I noticed a link our open tasks page [1] and, who knows why
(given I'm already seriously overwhelmed), I read it.

  [1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/OpenTasks

I'm glad this page exists. Thank you to anyone who contributes to
maintain it up to date. Regardless of the following suggestions for
improvements, this is astonishing work the team has been doing.

I'm a recent member of the team, so the fact I lack much of the needed
background probably explains that, but I felt like I should point out
that some parts of this page make little sense to me. Or, perhaps
better said, some tasks description are not clear enough to allow me
to know if I'm the right person to do the task (so probably I'm not?),
what's the next thing to do and where I can find more information
about it. So, in essence, as a potential contributor, I would have to
ask details about many of these tasks before I have the means to pick
one that suits me. I would not be terribly surprised if that did not
happen often.

I'm going to list the exact tasks that were unclear to me, so that
whoever is able to may add or clarify information to the wiki page.
We can even consider this as a great time to prepare, collectively,
our upcoming "use perl;" meeting at next DebConf! Starting this
meeting with a clear, up-to-date view of what we need to do will
probably contribute to a more fun and efficient meeting time :)

I'll be happy to integrate useful answers I get over email to the wiki
page, but don't hesitate doing it yourself :)

* "wheezy freeze and package updates": I don't know what this is this
  about. Trying to guess, it might be about "shall we upload new
  upstream versions to sid during the freeze", or about something
  totally different.

* "there are some packages that still need adjustment": mentioning
  a few example ones would be much welcome.

* "Rewrite packagecheck (in Perl, modular, maybe not only for
  pkg-perl; see also below) (jeremiah)": it's not clear what "bellow"
  means in the context of a large wiki page. If I'm guessing right,
  I suggest "see the section dedicated to packagecheck bellow".

* "forward all (non Debian specific) patches upstream": have we means
  to list patches that we did not forward upstream yet? (yeah, I could
  probably hack a quick one-liner myself, but if it already exists,
  I'd rather use it)

* "Policy 3.8.4": as far as I can tell, neither the Debian Policy nor
  the Debian Perl Policy  have a 3.8.4 section, so I'm at a loss.

* "Next alioth project member ping": what does this mean?
  BTW, perhaps recurring tasks could be moved to a dedicated section.
  What do you think?

* perl 5.12 and 5.14 transitions: "change some (build) dependencies
  later (should be done, is there something left?)" --> how can
  I check if there is anything left, and know if I can remove this
  action point?

* "Check the documentation on our website." --> check for what?

* "Policy 3.9.1 (and base-files) has introduced
  /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-1. #436105" --> so what? I don't see
  what's the next thing to do on our side.

* "Finish uploading packages where the version in the archive doesn't
  have the group as the maintainer (i.e. adopted packages etc.) (is
  there something left?)" --> how can I check if there's
  anything left?

* "After the alioth changes: what needs to be done? (Vcs-* headers?
  documentation? website? scripts?) (is there something left?)" -->
  here again, I find it hard to finish work that's been done at 98% by
  others, without indication of what may be left to do. Perhaps we
  should just get rid of such theoretical action items, and add more
  precise ones if the need arises?

* "Multi-arch / cross-building (?)" --> what's the next thing to do?
  Check if and how we're affected?

* "PET3: maybe setup another instance (fallback?)" --> why? merely as
  a backup, as suggested by the "fallback?" word? any more reasons?

* "PET3 on Alioth; first talks pet-team - alioth admins; should happen
  ~ end of August 2011, but didn't" --> status update?

As a conclusion, perhaps we should reorganize this page by putting

  * the tasks that must be done by experienced team members, or
    finished by the ones who started it (e.g. all the unclear "is
    there something left?" kind of tasks)
  * the tasks that can be done by newcomers in the team.

What do you think?

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