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Re: libmoosex-param-perl

On Wed, 28 Mar 2012 12:04:33 -0400, Robert James Clay wrote:

> > > Licensing requires copyright holder(s) to grant it, but being an author 
> > > does not automatically make you a copyright holder, as I understand it.
> > ... e.g. when someone writes code as an employee during worktime, the
> > copyright holder is usually the company/employer.
> > (That was my assumption in this case, and we also have quite a few
> > other examples for this situation.)
>    You and Jonas have a very good point and it's something it would
> appear I need to get more familiar with.  Thanks!

Thanks for your careful fixes and detailed commit messages!

There's on thing still open for me: You've removed the Comment from
d/copyright, but you've left the author in the Copyright line.

I still think that it's quite safe to assume that the copyright
holder is the company in this case, therefore I'd remove his name
from the Copyright field. I haven't found an explanation why you kept
the name there, so I thought I just ask :)


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