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Re: libmoosex-param-perl

On Tue, 27 Mar 2012 16:21:39 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> > In libmoosex-param-perl d/changelog, gregor herrmann wrote:


> > > - d/copyright: I don't see a need for the "Berne convention" comment
> > > in this case, since we have a clear copyrist statement in bot README
> > > and lib/MooseX/Param.pm; and: since this statement says "2007
> > > Infinity...", I don't see how Stevan Little could be a copyright
> > > holder, so I'd remeove him from the Copyright line.
> >    I thought to add that because while the copyright statement in the
> > module does use the company name, 'Steven Little' is listed in that same
> > module as the Author which makes it a little ambiguous to me.  Is it
> > that when there is a clear copyright statement, only that is needed?

In general, I'd say yes, because ...
> Licensing requires copyright holder(s) to grant it, but being an author 
> does not automatically make you a copyright holder, as I understand it.

... e.g. when someone writes code as an employee during worktime, the
copyright holder is usually the company/employer.
(That was my assumption in this case, and we also have quite a few
other examples for this situation.)

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