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Re: Adoption request: business-issn, http-oai, locale-currency-format, memoize-memcached, pdf-api2-simple, text-csv-encoded

On Fri, 23 Mar 2012 04:58:52 +0000, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Lars,
> I am still marked as a maintainer for the following Perl module packages:
> * libbusiness-issn-perl
> * libhttp-oai-perl
> * liblocale-currency-format-perl
> * libmemoize-memcached-perl
> * libpdf-api2-simple-perl
> * libtext-csv-encoded-perl
> I created the packages when I worked on Koha, but since I no longer do,
> I also don't have any interest in these packages anymore. Would someone
> like to take over the packages, please?

They're all in under the pkg-perl umbrella, so some team member will
look after them when work is required (bugs or new releases).

Of course, if someone wants to put themselves into Uploaders now,
that's fine; but I don't think it's required, they are in good hands.

I assume you'd prefer to be removed from the Uploaders field? -- Oh,
this actually already happened for all the packages in git (Robin
Sheat made this change back in Summer 2010).

I'm not sure if this warrants an upload, but if you want to get the
packages off your public record we could do this too.
> Thank you, and thank you pkg-perl for helping me create the packages
> in the first place.

It was a pleasure!

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