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Adoption request: business-issn, http-oai, locale-currency-format, memoize-memcached, pdf-api2-simple, text-csv-encoded


I am still marked as a maintainer for the following Perl module packages:

* libbusiness-issn-perl
* libhttp-oai-perl
* liblocale-currency-format-perl
* libmemoize-memcached-perl
* libpdf-api2-simple-perl
* libtext-csv-encoded-perl

They seem all to be bug-report-free in Debian, and up to date according
to the watch files. A few lintian warnings, though.

I created the packages when I worked on Koha, but since I no longer do,
I also don't have any interest in these packages anymore. Would someone
like to take over the packages, please?

(I'm not on the list, please Cc for any responses I need to see.)

Thank you, and thank you pkg-perl for helping me create the packages
in the first place.

All my predictions will turn out to be false

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