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Re: Hello from far too early in the morning to be learning about debian-perl

On Mon, 19 Mar 2012 05:57:09 -0700, Jonathan Steinert wrote:

> TL;DR "dod suggested I join so I can get a sponsor easier"

Summary: You're in!
> dod caught me over at debian-mentors trying to find a sponsor for
> perlbal packages I filed as ITP yesterday... and despite it being
> 5:20am I'd like to say hello, request to join your group, and try to
> find a sponsor :D

Heh :)
Yup, Dominique was quicker than me to drag^Winvite you into this nice
corner of Debian.
> I'm 'hachi-guest' on alioth, and most other times simply 'hachi'

Added on Alioth.
> In addition to these I care about most of the world of perl modules
> that came from Six Apart, or Danga:
> Cache::Memcached
> Gearman::Client::Async

Ha! This one has an RC bug or two

> Oh yes, and part of the reason why I care about these is my work is
> currently mid-transition from centos to debian, and far too late
> have I realized that I need to package up the things we use for
> debian. Why not spend some effort and make packages for the
> community :)

Sounds like a deal: we help a bit to bring the packages into Debian
you need, and you help to maintain a bit the other > 2000 packages,
and all other users profit too :)

[Pointers skipped, since you are already on IRC, and I just wrote
them in my reply to Dominik.]

Welcome aboard!


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