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Hello from far too early in the morning to be learning about debian-perl

TL;DR "dod suggested I join so I can get a sponsor easier"

Longer version:

Hello everyone!

dod caught me over at debian-mentors trying to find a sponsor for perlbal packages I filed as ITP yesterday... and despite it being 5:20am I'd like to say hello, request to join your group, and try to find a sponsor :D

I'm 'hachi-guest' on alioth, and most other times simply 'hachi'

I won't claim to be a god at perl until I start holding the pumpkin (if that ever happens), but I have a lot of fun programming, and am happy enough with some contributions I've made to the internet:

* pam-perl -- embed a perl interpreter into PAM phases, so you can do whatever you want easily when applications use pam. * MogileFS::Network -- Make a MogileFS cluster understand how it is layed out with regards to a network. Adds Multi-DC semantics.

Maintainer: (I do the work, DORMANDO does the uploads to CPAN)
* Perlbal -- HTTP load balancer written in perl, with an XS extension available to make it mostly fast. * Gearman::Server, Gearman::Client -- The original perl server and perl client for Gearman

In addition to these I care about most of the world of perl modules that came from Six Apart, or Danga:

TheSchwartz (Actually, I'm lying about this one, I sorta wish people didn't use it)

I'd love to bring these into the world of debian if they aren't already, or help raise the bar on other things that I use for work or home.

Oh yes, and part of the reason why I care about these is my work is currently mid-transition from centos to debian, and far too late have I realized that I need to package up the things we use for debian. Why not spend some effort and make packages for the community :)

Thank you for your time (and reading all the way down to here),


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