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Introduction and request to join Debian Perl group

Dear all,

I would be interested in joining the Debian Perl group (my Alioth account name
is 'culot') so as requested on the Group's welcome page, here is my short

My name is Frederic Culot, 35, married, French settled in Luxembourg. I own a
PhD in Physics and have been working in the IT industry for about 7 years as a
C/C++/Perl developer and project manager. I am also interested in business and I
follow an MBA at the Open University (distance-learning program) when I am not
at work.

So why Debian? Well, I am a FreeBSD developer (http://people.freebsd.org/~culot)
and there I am part of the Perl development team. As I also use and appreciate
Debian, I would like to give some of my free time to help the project in some
way. I thought about starting with the Debian Perl group and why not try to
maintain some of the packages that are in RFA or orphaned state. Of course,
Debian's binary package system is very different from FreeBSD's ports system
hence I will surely need to find kind people willing to help me perform my first
steps with Debian. I am sure I will find those kind people here in the Debian
Perl group :)


PS: You could also reach me on irc (culot on #debian-perl)

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