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Re: Advocating Alessandro Ghedini <al3xbio@gmail.com>


>> Auth-Key: nmauthde0ddbe2d488a2009a00654339b17446
>> Applicant: Alessandro Ghedini <al3xbio@gmail.com>
>> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).

I hereby advocate Alessandro's application to become Debian Developer.

Since Alessandro has joined the Debian Multimedia Maintainers team, I've
sponsored many uploads for him and pleasently noticed how responsive and
collaborative he was. He has greatly improved his packaging skills and
quickly learn'd all about the policies and the rules which a Debian
Developer must know.

Moreover, I want to highlight the great teamwork attitude of Alessandro,
he's always friendly, helpful and open to criticism; he is doing a great
job in pkg-multimedia, I feel very comfortable with his work and since
a long time now, I don't need anymore to suggest him any particular change
before uploading his packages.

In my opinion, It's time to let him upload his packages by himself as DD.


Alessio Treglia          | www.alessiotreglia.com
Debian Developer         | alessio@debian.org
Ubuntu Core Developer    | quadrispro@ubuntu.com
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