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future of libbparse, libtext-bibtex-perl

According to the upstream changelog for Text-BibTeX, there won't be any
more separate releases for libbtparse source. The C library source is
shipped with Text-BibTeX now, and built using perl build tools.
It has a non-versioned soname, so it isn't really suitable for /usr/lib
as is, but that can be fixed.

There are a few ways forward:

1) we can leave the increasingly stale libbtarse0 package in the
archive, and install the embedded copy in Text-BibTeX in some private
location. This would be kind to users of btparse, but I don't know how
many of those there other than libtext-bibtex-perl; there are no
rdepends and the popcon graphs look suspiciously similar.

2) We can remove src:libbtparse, and install the embedded copy in a private
location. This will probably require add and rpath or something similar.

3) We can remove src:libbtparse, but generate a libparse$SOVERSION and
   libbtarse-dev binary packages from the libtext-bibtex-perl source
   package. This will also require a little bit of hacking to add a
   sensible soname, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Do you have any other ideas? Are you interested in working with the
debian perl group on options 2 or 3?

All the best, 


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