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Re: Bug#631045: libjavascript-perl: FTBFS against iceweasel 4.0 or 5.0

	This bug is forwarded upstream already and my reading is that there is
a patch on offer there which upstream does not like.

	I guess we could try that patch but I am sure upstream understand the
package better than anyone in Debian.

	Also as things stand it will be not be in Wheezy. I'll try and ping

On 05/01/12 19:28, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Julien Cristau]
>> your package fails to build against iceweasel 4.0 (currently in
>> experimental). iceweasel 5.0 will soon be uploaded to unstable, so
>> your package needs to be updated to cope with the new version, or will
>> have to be removed.
> Hi.  Any hope of having this package fixed for wheezy?  We use it in
> Debian Edu to extract proxy settings from a WPAD file to store the proxy
> setup in the APT and other system configuration, and it is vital for our
> automatic configuration of clients that this works. :)

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