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Re: Add me to the Perl group please!

On Sat, 17 Dec 2011 00:28:08 +0800, James Bromberger wrote:

> > t/CHIDriverTests-Fast.t .......... skipped: No memcached instance
> running at
> > t/CHIDriverTests-libmemcached.t .. skipped: one of required modules not
> installed: Cache::Memcached::libmemcached
> > t/CHIDriverTests-Memcached.t ..... skipped: No memcached instance
> running at
> >
> > Looks like memcached itself is also needed (I haven't tested if this works
> > in a chroot).
> Yes; however, I'm unsure about setting up memcached (and configuring it-
> though default install gives it some memory but may bind to all
> interfaces, and perhaps we need that restricted to loopback) during the
> build. I'll leave it for the moment, but can revisit later if needed.

Yup, no big deal, but we might want to play with it a bit in the
> > If that doesn't help either we have to wait for some git expert to
> > help us out here :)
> They were missing - looks like the script has worked. Thank you.

Yup, the branches look good now, thanks!

There's still something weird with the debian/0.14-2 tag; it's shown
by `git tag' but it's not visible with tig or gitk.
No idea what's happening there. - Any git guru around who likes
> > Ah, maybe you mean dh-make-perl didn't add the build dependencies
> > because they are missing upstream (in dist.ini, META.yml and
> > Makefile.PL)? Yes, that's an upstream bug apparently.
> I suspect so, but minor since we can control build dep in d/control.

> Phew, I think we're good with 0.14-3. Thanks for the help.


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