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Perl 4-era libraries


As you can see from #629472, we have already done some work to try and
get to the situation where wheezy releases without any latent problems
for a future upgrade from 5.14 to 5.16, which will release without
the perl 4 corelibs. Because of the number of packages using these, I
haven't filed bugs initially but have arranged for lintian warnings:


However, I do think that it would be appropriate to file bugs once it's
been confirmed that the problem is real -- ideally with patches :) if 
we are to meet the goal of catching all of these before wheezy releases.

It probably makes sense at this stage to try and encourage people to
move away from the libraries rather than just adding the dependency on
libperl4-corelibs-perl; anything that's left by the time we come to
freeze can then just have the dependency added. I wonder if we should
have a wiki page to track this work?

Inidentally, the list includes some pkg-perl maintainer packages
which would be obvious places to start:



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