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Re: Migration to wiki.d.o.

Il giorno mar, 12/07/2011 alle 19.48 +0200, Alessandro Ghedini ha
> What would be the advantage? Not that I have a strong opinion on this 
> anyway (I think I made something like 2 changes to the website). In the 
> Multimedia Team we keep all the docs (policy, faq, and the like) on the 
> wiki, but I can't say what's the best solution.
> Cheers

Modifying page on wiki IMHO is more immediate then using tools like svn
or others. It' s just a quicker way to do the same thing.
Keep in mind actually our web site (but not only our I think) it's
updated from a cron job (due to alioth split) so it's not immediate.
I'm pretty sure this problem will be solved soon but also with a working
website running, I prefer to use a wiki.


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