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Re: A possible collation issue for perl-5.12-transition.

On Fri, 15 Apr 2011 20:18:47 +0200, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:

> Dear all,
> there is a perl-5.12-transition issue filed [1] against
> libcache-historical-perl, 

Looks like the footnote is missing :)

I guess this is #615882, cc'ing he bug (and keeping the full quote).

> a packaging which I myself have
> prepared. Since I am not progressive enough to bring in
> perl-5.12 from experimental, let me convey an observation
> which might help in understanding whether the transition
> could cause similar artifacts elsewhere.
> The failed test, a single test out of nineteen, concerns
> a list returned based on content in an SQLite3 database.
> The list should nominally be implicitly sorted by date,
> stored in fields not reproduced by the printout. However,
> this is the important point, the delivered strings differs
> from the expected string by a single cyclic permutation,
> since the presented/stored values are really value pairs:
> an integer and a measurement.
> If this ordering issue will be recognised as such in other
> transition reports, we will have gained in understanding
> the whole step forward.
> The complete test suite is passed succesfully when being
> run with the installed package and today's perl-5.10.

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