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A possible collation issue for perl-5.12-transition.

Dear all,

there is a perl-5.12-transition issue filed [1] against
libcache-historical-perl, a packaging which I myself have
prepared. Since I am not progressive enough to bring in
perl-5.12 from experimental, let me convey an observation
which might help in understanding whether the transition
could cause similar artifacts elsewhere.

The failed test, a single test out of nineteen, concerns
a list returned based on content in an SQLite3 database.
The list should nominally be implicitly sorted by date,
stored in fields not reproduced by the printout. However,
this is the important point, the delivered strings differs
from the expected string by a single cyclic permutation,
since the presented/stored values are really value pairs:
an integer and a measurement.

If this ordering issue will be recognised as such in other
transition reports, we will have gained in understanding
the whole step forward.

The complete test suite is passed succesfully when being
run with the installed package and today's perl-5.10.

Best regards, 
  Mats Erik Andersson, DM

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