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Re: Update of libpod-simple-perl


wen heping <wenheping@gmail.com> writes:
>> How did you svn-upgrade-ed libpod-simple-perl?
> 1 uscan
> 2 svn-upgrade
> 3 modify debian/changlog and "svn ci"

I did sometimes run the "svn commit" command in the debian/
sub-directory of the package.  svn will then only commit changes there,
so I suspect this happened to you as well.

Please run "svn commit" in the main directory of the package.  I think
debcommit will also do the right thing and even generate a commit
message based on debian/changelog for you.  (You can try it without
committing with "debcommit -n").

In case the package has patches, please unapply them before committing.
I have set

  alias debcommit='{ quilt pop -a || [ $? = 2 ] } && debcommit'

in my ~/.zshrc so I don't forget this.


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