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Re: Working with dh-make-perl (was: Re: Application naming)

Hi Joel,

On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 3:34 AM, Joel Roth <joelz@pobox.com> wrote:
> After running dh-make-perl with
>        --packagename nama
> debian/control says:
>        Source: libaudio-nama-perl
>        Package: libaudio-nama-perl

This indeed sounds like a bug, assuming --packagename was a parameter
listed in --help. Patches should be directed to the head honcho of the
project, Damyan Ivanov (well, the bug tracker is good, too -- but for
something quick like applying a patch, touching base with dam should
be sufficient).

> Where does dh-make-perl look for short-description and
> description? (I see there is a --desc option to dh-make-perl.)
The short description is generated from the
=head1 NAME
section. Audio::Nama should read (for proper whatis entries to be generated):

=head1 NAME

Audio::Nama - does something


Blah blah blah

Thus, the field becomes-
Description: does something
 Blah blah blah

> Where does dh-make-perl look for a license?  debian/copyright says:
>        Files: *
>        Copyright: Joel Roth, <joelz@pobox.com>
>        License: unparsable
>        Files: debian/*
>        Copyright: 2010, Joel Roth <joelz@pobox.com>
>        License: unparsable or Artistic or GPL-1+

It attempts to look in your META.yml for 'license', and also probes
your main POD once again under the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT sections. I'm
not sure how dam did this for dh-make-perl, but in practice, it tends
to be quite clever and quite good at picking up the standard
boilerplate text like:

"this module is licensed under the same terms as Perl" (for Artistic | GPL-1+)

Hopefully this helps, though I'm not exactly an expert -- dam did a
good job with making dh-make-perl generally able to do the right
thing, automagically.



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