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Re: package-installs-packlist

On Fri, 28 May 2010 17:27:39 -0500, Matt Zagrabelny wrote:

> I have just packaged up Text::Trim (not exciting, I know) and am running
> into a lintian error:
> E: libtext-trim-perl: package-installs-packlist
> usr/lib/perl5/auto/Text/Trim/.packlist

dh_perl should remove them automatically (or more precise: pass the
parameter to not create them), so my guess is you have an "old"
debian/rules (i.e. without using dh) and you're not calling dh_perl
there. Or you have a very old debhelper version, not sure when this
feature was introduced in dh_perl.
> Has anyone seen this problem before? Should I go digging in the
> Makefile.PL or someplace else?

I haven't seen it for quite a few years now :)

("./Build ... create_packlist=0" prevents M::B from creating the
.packlist file, but you shouldn't need to do that manually.)

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