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(And sorry Damyan for not replying to your post yet, I only have a few minutes)

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 8:41 AM, gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Dec 2009 22:48:35 -0500, Jonathan Yu wrote:
>> I know gregor prefers us to run as many tests as possible; however, in
>> light of their arguments, I now think it's safer for us (not to
>> mention less maintenance work) to just run AUTOMATED tests, and no
>> longer run RELEASE tests, except in rare occasions.
> If an upstream author clearly states "these tests are for me and
> those tests are 'public'" -- be it by separating t/ and xt/ or by
> using both AUTOMATED_TESTING and RELEASE_TESTING -- I'm happy to
> follow their intention.
> Difficulties arise when there's either no clear separation or when
> one environment variable needs to be set to run any test -- in these
> cases I think we're back to deciding on module-by-module basis (and
> taking our experiences into account, i.e. don't run Perl::Critic
> tests).
>> I propose we drop the "run RELEASE_TESTING tests by default" and
>> consider each of these modules carefully.
> At the moment I think we have to look at _which_ tests are
> de/activated by the RELEASE_TESTING flag, there doesn't seem to be
> common approach yet.
For most of the prominent authors (Adam Kennedy, Ricardo Signes, David
Golden, Matt S. Trout), they seem to agree with Alias' article
(hopefully you've seen it):


If someone is Doing It Wrong, then we should point them to that
article and ask them to fix it. I consider it a wishlist bug.
> But in general I think that standardization on both syntax (which
> variables are used) and semantics (which tests are covered by which
> variables) of the test suites on the toolchain side is a good
> development, and once it's sorted out I think we should follow that.
> Cheers,
> gregor
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