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Re: Joining the Debian Perl team

On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 19:20:43 +0200, Jonathan McDowell wrote:

> > I have not forgotten our discussions (at DebConf8) and was wondering
> > if and when you will "appear" here.
> I'd been lurking for some time, waiting until I thought I might have
> enough time to actually get things rolling. Looks like I was a little
> early given I've only just got round to injecting my first package...

Better late then never :)
> Before I do the rest, have I done The Right Thing with libwww-cnic-perl?
> I've injected the version that's in lenny/squeeze/sid and created the
> appropriate tag.

Looking at the commit messages it looks fine.

(BTW: if you check out the scripts directory you get some nice tools
like takeover-for-pkg-perl.sh and packagecheck that make
svn-injecting and adapting packages to the group easier.)

If you have some questions about some details feel free to join
#debian-perl or just grab one of us here at DebConf.

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