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Re: Replacing libio-compress-bzip2-perl, libcompress-zlib-perl, libio-compress-zlib-perl, and libio-compress-base-perl with libio-compress-perl

Hi Scott!

You wrote:

> >Why should the -raw package be updated?  The new libio-compress-perl
> >simply depends ont hem, so I don't see why these need to be changed.

> I may have over reached on the versions of the *raw* packages needed.  The 
> uninstallability concern is because (at least some of) these packages 
> depend on a version of the raw packages less than 2.020.  I believe (but 
> did not actually check) that this is due to incompatibility.  This is why 
> I've assumed they need updating together.

Ah indeed, libcompress-raw-zlib-perl is still on versiion 2.015.  I
don't think there were any API changes after that, but it won't hurt to
update it, anyway.  libcompress-raw-bzip2-perl is already at version
2.020, so it shouldn't need any changes.

> >> I'm hoping to upload an Ubuntu'ized version of this soon, so I would 
> >> appreciate any review comments people have to offer.
> >
> >Will you also maintain and uplaod the package in Debian?
> >
> No.  I'm glad to contribute the packaging work back to Debian, but I don't 
> have a long-term commitment to the package.  I only got into this because I 
> was updating the amavisd-new dependency chain in Ubuntu.

Ah ok, clear.  I'd be happy to take care of this package, if necessary.

Best regards,

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