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Re: Bug#329526: libdbd-sybase-perl / DBD::Sybase


Here is the CHANGES file entries for DBD-Sybase 1.09 down to the
current version, 1.00. There are various updates including fixes
involving memory leaks; it might even close some of the many other
outstanding bugs on the tracker (from over 6 years ago!)

Again, please, let us know how you would like to proceed from here.
It's your package and I really don't want to try to hijack it from
you, but the new versions have lots of changes that would be extremely
useful to incorporate in the libdbd-sybase-perl package for Debian

If you are willing to upgrade your package (or give me some indication
of why you do not), or if you are willing to orphan the package under
the pkg-perl group -- any of those would be great. Please let me know
what next steps are.

Release 1.09

    Behavior change: A new connection level attribute (syb_disconnect_in_child)
    has been added to allow automatical handling of InactiveDestroy across
    forks. By default in 1.09 a connection will NOT get closed if the process
    ID of the process that is exiting is not the same as the PID of the
    process that created the connection.
    Detect ASE error 5702 (The server is terminating this process) as a fatal
    error for the connection.

    Bug Fixes

    645 - Spurious COMMIT calls sent to the dataserver during the
login/connect calls.
    628 - Increase size of Kerberos Principal string buffer
    627 - Spurious sigset_t declaration.

Release 1.08

	Detect missing libblk.a library, and disable the BLK api calls
	if necessary.
	Added code to force dlopen() to use RTLD_GLOBAL.
	Corrected ct_option() functionality detection.
	Fixed incorrect handling of bind_params() (Thanks to Tim Bunce).
	Added serverType DSN parameter.
	Added tds_keepalive DSN parameter.
	Fixed incorrect handling of multiple result sets with DBI
	1.53 and later.
	Re-wrote $dbh->ping() in C, it's now four times faster.
	Allow automated build without prompts.
	Improved nsql().
	Added corrected handling of DATE and TIME values (ASE 12.5.2 and later).
	Added handling of UNSIGNED INT and BIGINT (ASE 15 and later).
	Added PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT #define.

        Bug Fixes
	624 - Empty strings incorrectly passed as NULL.
	616 - Spurious error message when the login request times out.
	614 - Documentation improvement for syb_xxx methods.
	610 - Segfault when using signals with the threaded libraries and
	      perl >= 5.8.

Release 1.07

	Changed the t/xblk.t test to lookup the charset used by the
        server and specify this in the connect() string. This should
        avoid failures when the client and server uses charsets of
        different sizes (utf8 vs. iso_1, for example).
	Better error reporting when the connection data is incorrect
	for the test scripts.
	Modified $dbh->ping() slightly.

        Bug Fixes

	604 - Add missing mode parameter to mkdir in t/xblob.t
	606 - Memory leak in the BLK API.

Release 1.06

	Fix off-by-one error for ISO date format.
	Clear error/warning when connecting to a Replication Server.
        Fix AutoCommit "off" behavior when CHAINED mode is turned off.
        Fix $dbh->begin_work() behavior.

        Note: This version fails 4 tests in t/xblk.t when building
        against the 15.0 Beta OCS libraries.

        Bug Fixes

	582 - ISO date formatting off by one for months.
	591 - NUM_OF_PARAMS isn't handled properly
        593 - Connection can become unusable due a bug in
	597 - Prepared stored procs with placeholders return
	      corrupted recordset on second fetch.
        599 - The call to "prepare" also executes the statement.
        600 - $sth->finish sometimes fails to properly clean up the

Release 1.05

        BEHAVIOR CHANGE - $dbh->{LongReadLen} must now be called
	before $dbh->prepare(). Previously you could call this after
	the $dbh->prepare() but before the $sth->execute().

        Install private statement handle methods for TEXT/IMAGE handling
        to avoid $h->func() calls, and update documentation.
        Implement experimental BLK API via prepare/execute loop.
	Change default "AutoCommit" off mode from explicit transactions
	to using the "chained" mode if it is available.
	Add $sth->syb_describe() call, taken from Sybase::CTlib's
	Add ISO8601 date/time format for output.
	Fix $sth->finish() behavior when syb_flush_finish is turned on.
	Changed do { } while($sth->{syb_more_results}); idiom to use
	redo instead.
	Better/more consistent handling of multiple sth on a single dbh,
        and new test file.

	Bugs Fixed:

	580 - Binding binary/varbinary values to placeholders sometimes
	575 - Fails three tests under Tru-64.
	577 - perl Makefile.PL fails if umask is 0.
        578 - Better warning for calling $dbh->{LongReadLen} if $dbh is busy.
        572 - Minor documentation update for bind_param().

Release 1.04

	Bugs Fixed:

	566 - $sth->{NAME} fails right after prepare().

Release 1.03

	Added linking of threaded Sybase libs if perl is built with
	threading turned on.
	Added CLONE() method.
	Minor changes to dbdimp.c to be thread-safe.
	Added t/thread.t test script.
	Changes to Makefile.PL to make configuration easier.
	Add support for Kerberos-based network login.
	Handle new library names (libsybct vs. libct).
        Make sure that cached statement handle attributes (NAME_lc, etc)
	are cleared when multiple result sets are processed.
	Add host and port connection properties, to allow connections
        to ASE servers that are not defined in the interfaces file
        (requires OCS 12.5.1)
	Add ability to dynamically increase the maximum number of
	connections (thanks to Ed Avis).
	Add ability to ignore stored proc return status in nsql() (thanks
	to Merijn Broeren)
	Fix Makefile.PL umask() issue on Win32 (thanks to Darin Delegal).

	Bugs Fixed:

	541 - $sth->{NAME} fails right after prepare().
	551 - Tests fail when using perl 5.6.1.
	556 - Add support for user-supplied SSL certificate file.
	557 - type_info_all broken with ASE 11.0.x
	562 - syb_flush_finish doesn't work during the connect() phase.
	563 - Memory leak when syb_binary_images is set.

Release 1.02

	Added syb_server_version attribute. This is filled in at connect()
        time with the numeric version number (, 12.5.1, etc) of the
        server that you are connected to.

	Bugs Fixed:

	520 - t/exec.t fails on Win32.
	533 - logic error in deadlock retry in nsql().
	532 - t/xblob.t test provides false positive for win32.
	534 - Placeholder prepare() fails with ASE 11.0.x

Release 1.01

	Automatically finish() statement handles if they are re-executed
        before all the rows have been fetched.
	Added support for new tables() syntax, thanks to Stephen Wilcoxon.
	Added support for DATE and TIME datatypes (available in the
	ASE 12.5.1 release, currently undergoing beta testing).
	Allow user to specify a database to use for the tests instead of
	using "tempdb" (useful if user does not have SA privileges).
	Bugs Fixed:

	517 - getpwnam() isn't portable.
	493 - Second execute on a prepared handle fails.
	487 - Add connection information to error messages.
	407 - Second+ statement does not use db from "use database".

On Sat, Jul 4, 2009 at 4:01 PM, Jonathan Yu<jonathan.i.yu@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, how should we proceed? I would just like Debian to have an up to
> date Sybase driver. I am willing to help upgrade it and would love to
> adopt it under pkg-perl
> On 7/4/09, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
>> On Sat, Jul 04, 2009 at 10:51:23AM -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:
>>> Please reply to this message to let me know what's going on, or
>>> release the updated version. Otherwise I'll assume you're MIA
>> That's not what MIA means.
>>> (even though I see you quite often on the mailing lists) and just release
>>> an NMU release.
>> For a wishlist bug:  no, you won't.
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