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Re: please advice package names for padre plugins

Damyan Ivanov <dmn@debian.org> writes:

> Ryan has started work on packaging plugins for Padre -- the killer 
> editor for Perl and other code :) Thanks, Ryan!
> We were wondering how to name the packages. There are two 
> possibilities:
> * libpadre-plugin-foo-perl
>   + all the plugins are available via CPAN and are perl modules.
>   + this is what Perl policy mandates
> * padre-plugin-foo
>   + these modules are intented to be used as Padre complements, adding 
>   new features to it
>   + they have limitted (it not void) use outside of Padre
>   + a bit easier finding (apt-get install padre-plugin<tab><tab>)
> What would you use?

Keeping in mind that IANDD, I vote for padre-plugin-foo.

All the best

Dominique Dumont 
"Delivering successful solutions requires giving people what they
need, not what they want." Kurt Bittner

  domidumont at irc.freenode.net
  ddumont at irc.debian.org

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