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Introducing and asking to join Group

Hi all

My name is Salvatore and I want to ask the possibility for joining the
PerlGroup. I would like to maintain for the moment at least the
libconfig-grammar-perl package (for which I need a sponsor). I'm
recently applied as DM but I'm not yet a DD, so I have also only a
guest-account on alioth (carnil-guest).

I would like to begin maintaining libconfig-gramar-perl for the
beginning. Outside the PerlGroup I maintain also some other few
packages in Debian (at the moment: bosh, giplet, tuxcmd,
tuxcmd-modules, w2do).

So I would like to ask if it possible to maintain
libconfig-grammar-perl, and to be added to the PerlGroup. I
furthermore need a sponsor for my package [0]. If this is possible I
would also update the package and change the Maintainer field and add
the Uploaders fileld and reupload the package to mentors.d.n. 

 [0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2009/05/msg00705.html

Kind regards

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