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Re: r34588 - /trunk/libhtml-template-compiled-perl/debian/changelog

On Fri, 08 May 2009 15:00:23 +0300, Peter Pentchev wrote:

> > +  * debian/README.source missing (document quilt usage, required since policy 3.8.1)
> Argh.  I really can't believe I missed this.  Follow the debian-policy
> list closely for more than an year, bring up almost a dozen packages
> to Policy 3.8.1 in the past couple of months, and then... just forgot.

Happens to many of us every now and then :)
> > +  * debian/rules: just curious: why the "$(MAKE) -f debian/rules unpatch"
> > +    instead of the usual "clean: unpatch"?
> Well, it's just a habit from my other packages.  It is needed when
> I'm also patching the build system - if a Makefile is modified, then
> "make clean" *after* "quilt pop -a" might not clean everything and
> might even fail in other package-dependent ways.  

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

What I know in the situation of un-/patching Makefile.PL is

clean: unpatch
    [ ! -f Makefile ] || touch Makefile
    dh $@

> I'm just used to
> doing it the same way in all my packages; however, I realize that
> it's a bit more important for the team that it's done the same way
> in all the team's packages :)  I'll change it back in a minute.


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