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Re: Dual-Build Modules (What to do if both Makefile.PL and Build.PL exist)

On Thu, 07 May 2009 23:49:48 -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:

> It's somewhat surprising to me that these Perl module-specific things
> are dealt with in a package that is out of our control (ie debhelper).

Well, there's no requirement to use dh-make-perl for packaging perl
stuff, and debhelper tries to cater to all kind of build systems
(autotools, python, perl, ...)

> In that case, getting a bug fix submitted/discussed/dealt with might
> not be worth the effort. 

Joey is usually happy about and responsive to patches, and it
wouldn't be the first perl-specific patch he incorporates.

> > Well, seems like there are at least 2 bugs in M:B:C which should be
> > fixed instead of worked around :)
> You're correct here. But one thing that I neglected to mention in the
> initial e-mail is that Makefile.PL (via EUMM or passthrough) cannot
> handle the types of complex dependencies that Build.PL can. What I
> mean by that is, M::B can handle "recommends" relationships.

At least at the moment that doesn't buy us anything, unless I'm
missing something.
Of course dh-make-perl could try to get more and more fine grained
information from Makefile.PL, Build.PL and META.yml when creating
debian/control (i.e. add upstream "recommends" as Debian
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