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Re: 3-line debian/rules


gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org> writes:

> On Sun, 03 May 2009 21:58:22 +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
>> > Someone[tm] should write scripts/quiltify.{pl,sh} :)
>> or ... (see below)
> Ok ...
>> > Still, I'd like to have one default method and dh-make-perl to use
>> > this one, whether it's the "old" or the "new" one. 
>> Providing the 3-liner is a piece of cake. I am a bit worried about 
>> what should --refresh do when "upgrading" the "old" to "new" rules. 
>> Ideally, it should detect usage of quilt and add the relevant lines, 
>> therefore providing the "quiltify" functionality above.
> Preservering existing quilt functionality in debian/rules would
> indeed be nice for --refresh.
>> Ah, no, quiltify shall convert a 3-liner to the 3-liner+quilt version? 
>> That's not that hard to write (cat <<EOF >> debian/rules)
>> Did I get it right?
> Yes; the "quiltify" I had in mind for some time (and was too lazy to
> write) would:
> 1) add quilt to B-D in d/control
> 2) create debian/patches
> 3) add quilt fragments to d/rules
> 4) add debian/README.source
> ( 5) probably set the dh dependency to >= 7.0.50 when the override_*
> approach is used for adding quilt targets in d/rules )
> Just the usual steps we do when adding quilt support to a package :)

Should we integrate this in dh-make-perl?  I suggest to add both a
--quilt (or --with-quilt, --use-quilt) option to dh-make-perl which will
add the fragment to d/rules, add d/README.source, ...
If dh-make-perl --refresh is used, it can look for d/patches/series and,
if present, add the quilt stuff as well.  This way, the --quilt option
only needs to be used when quilt was not already used.

> (Hm, and when called as "dequiltify" it could ...) 

If --refresh is used and d/patches/series is *not* present, it could
just remove the quilt framework again.


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